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Transportation Canada

The Golf Travel Group provides several transportation options for your Canadian Rockies adventure.

Canada has an excellent highway system, with distances and speed limits clearly posted on highway signs in metric (k/hr). Relax and drive at a comfortable pace and you’ll be rewarded with wildlife viewings and simply stunning scenic vistas. Rental car transportation is the most popular with our tours but private transfers and motor coaches are all available.

Midsize Rental Car (Self-Drive)

The Volkswagen Jetta (or similar) is classed at a mid-size rental car. The vehicle has sufficient room for 2 golfers, golf clubs and luggage and is available in automatic.

Sport Utility Vehicle (Self-Drive)

A Compact SUV (Chevrolet Trax or similar), Intermediate SUV (Nissan Roque or similar), Standard SUV (Jeep Grand Cherokee) and Full Size SUV (Ford Expedition or similar) are all classed in the sport utility vehicle category. These vehicle have sufficient room for 2-4 golfers, golf clubs and luggage and are available in automatic.

Minivan Vehicle (Self-Drive)

The Dodge Grand Caravan (or similar) is classed in the minivan category. These 7 seat vehicles have sufficient room for 4 golfers, golf clubs and luggage and are available in automatic. The third rowing seating also has the option of folding into the floor.

Private Vehicle With Personal Driver (Driver / Guide)

Luxury vehicles with private drivers & guides are available as part of our packages for travelers who prefer not to drive at all. For groups of up to 4 passengers these vehicles offer all the comfort and space required for golf clubs and luggage.

Mini & Full Size Motor Coaches (Driver / Guide)

These motor coaches are suitable for groups of up to 20 passengers and are fantastic for large group travel looking for the escorted experience.

Self Drive Tours

Drivers’ License

Drivers must have a valid national drivers’ license. All drivers must be 25 years of age or older.

Drinking & Driving

The Canadian Police strongly enforce and offer one simple precaution — don’t drink and drive.

Seat Belts

Drivers and front seat passengers must, by law, wear a seat belt in Canada. Rear seat passengers are also required to wear seat belts.