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Transportation Iceland

The Golf Travel Group provides several transportation options for Icelandic adventure.

Transportation is very easy in Iceland, especially the South-Western part of Iceland (our main concentration) as 14 of Iceland’s 15 eighteen-hole championship courses are located within a 90 minute drive of Reykjavik. In Iceland you drive on the right side of the road and overtake on the left. The general speed limit is 30-50 km/hour in populated areas, 80 km/hour on gravel roads in rural areas and 90 km/hour on paved roads.

The roads are paved and well maintained but some of the roads in the countryside may be rougher and narrower than you are used to. Smaller bridges are often single lane so drivers should be cautious of opposite traffic when crossing. Respect speed limitations and slow down if the road changes from tarmac to gravel or to a single-lane bridges. Extra caution must be taken when driving in the highlands, crossing rivers or driving in the snow. Although certain vehicles are necessary to drive on Iceland’s main ring Road (Rte.1, coastal around the island), 4x4’s are needed for those who wish to explore Iceland’s interior — note that these roads are only accessible during summer.

Rental cars, private transfers and motor coaches are all available.

Midsize Rental Car (Self-Drive)

The VW Golf (or similar) is classed at a mid-size rental car. The vehicle has sufficient room for 2 golfers, golf clubs and luggage and is available in automatic.

Full Size Suv 4X4 (Self-Drive)

The Toyota Landcruiser (or similar) is classed as a full size SUV 4x4 rental car. The vehicle has sufficient room for 4 golfers, golf clubs and luggage and is available in automatic. Note that this vehicle is our recommended vehicle for groups of 2, 3 or 4 passengers.

Private Vehicle With Personal Driver (Driver / Guide)

Luxury vehicles with private drivers are available as part of our packages for travelers who prefer not to drive. For groups of up to 4 passengers it is an ideal way to travel and offers all the space required for golf clubs and luggage.

Mini & Full Size Motor Coaches (Driver / Guide)

These motor coaches are suitable for groups of up to 20 passengers and are fantastic for group travel looking for the escorted experience.

Self Drive Tours

Drivers’ License

Drivers must have a valid national drivers’ license. All drivers must be 25 years of age or older. Drivers aged 25 – 29 years can rent all vehicles except full size MPVs, premiums and 4x4s.

Drinking & Driving

The Icelandic Police strongly enforce and offer one simple precaution — don’t drink and drive.

Seat Belts

Drivers and front seat passengers must, by law, wear a seat belt in Iceland. Rear seat passengers are also required to wear seat belts if the car is equipped with them.