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Transportion in Republc of Ireland & Northern Ireland

The Golf Travel Group provides several luxury transport options for your Irish adventure.

A self-drive tour (or professional guided tour) is the best way to see Ireland. It is important to note that driving in Ireland is on the left side of the road with the steering wheel on the right side of the car. The quality of the national highway network has improved greatly in recent years resulting in getting around the country via the motorways much easier.

Many secondary roads in Ireland tend to be narrow, bumpy and winding!! While the major highways are of a very high quality, the “real” Ireland is one of twisting country lanes. Driving on these lanes can be a pleasure with scenic treasures around every corner, but do not expect to get to your destination in record time!! You could very well find yourself stuck behind a herd of cows or sheep or a slow moving farm tractor, but your best option is to adopt the Irish “sure there’s plenty of time” attitude.

Peugeot 5008 Multi Purpose Vehicle (Self-Drive)

The Peugeot 5008 MPV is a 7 seater people carrier and will accommodate up to 4 golfers and luggage. This vehicle is available in automatic transmission and is fully equipped with the two rear seats folding into the floor. A Renault Traffic Van (8 seater) is also available for those looking for additional space.

Midsize Saloon (Self-Drive)

The Mazda 6 is classed as a Midsize Saloon. This vehicle has sufficient room for 2 golfers, golf clubs and luggage and are available in either automatic or manual transmission.

Mercedes V-Class Van (Driver / Guide)

These luxury 7 seater people carrier vehicles are used for up to 4 golfers with a driver/guide and have enough room to accommodate all luggage and golf clubs. There are 5 leather seats positioned around a table in the rear to provide maximum comfort.

Luxury Mini Coaches And Large Coaches (Driver / Guide)

These coaches are suitable for groups of 6 to 20 golfers. The coaches have been converted specifically for golf groups with leather recliners, tables, TV, fridges and with some of the largest ones having a small kitchen. The configuration of seats ensures the maximum in comfort and space for everyone.


Working with PDG Helicopters, The Golf Travel Group can offer helicopter transport that enables us to include the more remote golf courses in our tour itineraries. PDG are the UK’s & Ireland’s largest on-shore operator and have more than 40 years operational experience. PDG Helicopters boast a large fleet of modern, comfortable helicopters, some of which are detailed below:

  • Squirrel 350B: 5 passengers, cruise speed of 125mph.
  • Squirrel 350B1/B2: 5 passengers, cruise speed of 125mph.
  • Twin Squirrel 355: 5 passengers, cruise speed of 125mph.
  • 365 Dauphin: 8/12 passengers, cruise speed of 135mph.

Self Drive Tours (Hertz Car Rental)

Drivers’ License

Drivers must have a valid drivers’ license and be over 30 years of age. Drivers over the age of 75 years must drive on a regular basis, provide a letter from a doctor to state good health in the past 12 months, and also a letter from their insurance company is required to state that no accidents have occurred in the past 5 years. In Northern Ireland the maximum driving age is 79.

Drinking & Driving

The Irish Police strongly enforce and offer one simple precaution — don’t drink and drive.

Seat Belts

Drivers and front seat passengers must, by law, wear a seat belt in the Ireland. Rear seat passengers are also required to wear seat belts if the car is equipped with them.